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Fluxeon, Inc. offers you high quality, powerful induction heaters. 
Now you can finally afford to buy the tool you've been dreaming about!

Our philosophy at Fluxeon is simple:  Deliver high quality induction heating at a price YOU can actually afford!  Our machines are user-friendly and user-adaptable to many different heating tasks, without additional expensive engineering and customization.

We give you a no-nonsense limited lifetime warranty on all Fluxeon induction heaters.  We're here before, during and after the sale to make sure you get what you need, when you need it!

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It's not fancy, but it gets the job done.

Breaking News

We've spun off the Roy line of heaters to a new entity called Tellico Induction Corporation,  Fluxeon and TNduction will maintain a tight relationship, with each of us able to focus better on customer's specific requirements.

As such, many of the links to Roys and Roy accessories will now point to  Take some time and pay them a visit!

Featured Product

The Annie

Induction Annealer

Introducing The Annie--our induction heater for annealing brass rifle and pistol cartridges.  No Flames!  0.1 second precision!  and most cases are annealed in under 3 seconds.

Stop the guesswork with your torches.  Anneal with confidence!

Annie Induction Annealer

Now offered with a limited lifetime warranty.  Buy with confidence!


MatchBox Flux Concentrator

Load Center

MatchBox Flux Concentrator

The MatchBox with Flux Concentrator is an exciting new offering in our load-matching line.  It serves a similar function as the original MatchBox, but adds the benefit of an open coil for side access to the work piece.  The ferrite acts as an efficient return path for the magnetic field, greatly enhancing efficiency.