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Open-Source Induction Heaters

We are making these DIY, Open Source Induction Heaters available to you, for free. 

Yes, FREE!  Open!

Our aim is to advance the exposure of induction heating to as many people as possible.  We encourage you to experiment and submit ideas for design changes to further improve the designs.

Our analog Roy 1200 is our main open-source project, and for the more advanced enthusiast, we also offer The Maggie. 

Roy 1200 DIY Induction Heater

The Roy 1200 analog induction heater is one of our analog designs.  It is based on the Royer Oscillator, with many design advances that enhance reliability and power of this classic circuit.  While nowhere near the reliability and feature set of the Roy 1500 digital induction heater, the Roy 1200 offers a great starting point for budding enthusiasts and those who are bound by budget. 


The Maggie

The link will take you to the original project page, which has all the information that is currently available.  We will be moving this project off the back burner at some point in the near future.  Gird your loins--it's going to be awesome!