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New Product Announcement

Roy Line of Induction Heaters Replace Torches in the MRO Shop

The Fluxeon® Corporation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the RoyTM, a revolutionary new induction heater designed for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul shop. RoyTM is a portable hand-held heating source that performs many heating jobs that now require a torch. RoyTM can heat, solder, bend metal, remove stuck gears from shafts, shrink fit and many other common maintenance tasks. RoyTM does so without contact or flame and no collateral damage to surrounding components. No more scorched paint and torch burns on your equipment. And no need for a fire watch!

The Roy 1500TM is a 1.5kW unit, and powers from a standard wall socket. The Roy 1500TM is designed for the user to fashion his own coils and holders. Accessory kits are available, offering such amenities as hand-held coil holders, pre-formed coils, and water-cooled load centers, among others. Fluxeon also offers engineering services for custom and OEM applications.

Roy is covered by a 1 year warranty.

Go to for further information and to order a unit.

Contact information:

Sales: Garett Churchill
858 699 6096

Press: Holly Churchill
858 699 6096